Scanntech, is a leading technological platform that connects independent stores in emerging markets to consumer products companies, services companies, and financial institutions.


A system designed specifically for the independent retailer. An easy-to-use and secure store management technology.
Capabilities such as bar code scanning, price-label printing, pricing and cost management, inventory management, and intelligent reporting.
Access to promotions from leading global consumer products companies and services companies which help drive incremental sales.
Increase in the efficiency and intelligence of store management.

Bring your store to the next level of professionalism.
Unrivaled cost-benefit.
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How to use the iPos?

An intuitive, quick, and secure system to manage your store.

Services companies

Scanntech offers full access to the client at the point of sale, allowing for the implementation of various transactional services such as cell phone top-up, bill-pay, parking, and more.

Financial institutions

Scanntech offers a platform able to implement payments transactions, micro-credit loans, ATM / cash back, and more, to a target consumer profile.

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